Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The most important event during this year was the starting of a College for Girls.

At last our new college – ST. NORBERT’S COLLEGE came into existence during this year. Though we had been doing the spade work and applying for affiliation from Rani Durgavati University since 2009, finally the affiliation came through from the University on 13th April 2011. Immediately we started the preparation to begin the college in the campus during this year. We had only 15 girls to begin with.

The next important event in the campus is the VISIT OF DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM, the former President of India.

On 12th July 2011 at 10.55 am Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam entered the portals of St. Norbert’s Campus – School & College.

St. Norbert’s College for Women was inaugurated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The school band accompanied Dr. Kalam to the portico of College. He cut the ribbon officially inaugurating St. Norbert’s College for Women while from above a shower of flower petals rained down. The college students welcomed Dr. Kalam with flowers and lamps.

As per directives given by Dr. Kalam we were happy to have invited 10 students each from 19 different schools, especially Government Schools from around the city to share with St. Norbert’s School the joys of this day.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with his characteristics of humility, easy accessibility and warmth spent a whole one and a half hours interacting with the students.

“Dream transforms into thoughts and thoughts result into action”, these were the inspiring lines spoken by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam emphasized the importance of acquiring knowledge which brings creativity, richness of heart and courage to fight against all odds. He told the students to aim high, work hard toward continually acquiring knowledge and to persevere by defeating all problems. The message conveyed was that education gives us wings to fly and achieve success. He said, “I will win, we will win, India will win, wings of fire lead to knowledge and knowledge leads to good engineers and doctors”.

Before leaving Dr. Kalam presented the school with books he has written. Students presented a dance and a skit focused on the life of Dr. Kalam.

This visit was like a dream!


For years St. Norbert’s was one of the outstanding Hindi Medium School for Girls in Jabalpur and the surrounding villages.

In November 1934, the Primary School was recognized. In January 1940 the Middle School got its recognition and in 1945 the High School was recognized. Higher Secondary Plus Two Hindi Medium began in 1986.

As per the demands of the society English Medium was started under the same umbrella of St. Norbert’s Girls’ Hindi Higher Secondary School in 2005. The English Medium has reached up to Std. XII since 2012.

The school which began with six pupils today imparts education to 1900 students together both in Hindi and English Mediums.

The new Academic year for 2011-2012 began on April 1st 2011 with enthusiastic and hopeful note through a prayer and an opening ceremony where the Staff welcomed the students to their new classes with flowers and chandan tilak. Fr. Simon, Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Church invoked God blessings on both staff and students for this new academic year.


On 15th July 2011 the students of Class VII visited Dumna Nature Park with Sr. Milly and Mrs. Bela Charan. The programme was organized by Nagar Nigam, Jabalpur and the students participated in the Tree Planting Event.

The Investiture Ceremony of the School Leaders of St. Norbert’s English and Hindi Medium School was organized on 5th August 2011 to initiate the office bearers of the Students Organization at the school level to their responsibilities of their respective Houses, thus preparing them for greater responsibilities of life.

It began with the lighting of the traditional lamp by Sr. Anna Maria, Superior and Manager of the School who was our Chief Guest and Sr. Hansa Paul, Principal and the newly elected school head girls. Readings from different Holy Scriptures and a short cultural programme followed. The office bearers took the oath and promised to fulfill their responsibility whole heartedly. The leaders swore that they would perform their duties faithfully, diligently with humility and sincerity for the glory of God and honour of St. Norbert’s. To promote a healthy competition among the students they have been divided into four houses. Parents of the Captains and Vice Captains were invited and honoured. After the Investiture ceremony we had a Tree Plantation ceremony.

Our country’s Independence Day was celebrated in the campus for both college and school with a variety of cultural activities which reminded us of the importance and necessity of this day. The programme began with a special prayer for the Nation followed by the unfurling of the National Flag by Sr. Celestina, Superior of Shradhalaya.

In her speech, she encouraged the students to contribute to the progress of the country by fulfilling their duties as the students. National songs, dances and speeches in English and Hindi were presented by the students. Distribution of sweets to the students concluded the day.

Every year September 5th is celebrated as Teachers’ Day to commemorate the birthday of our ex-President Dr. S. Radha Krishnan. The programme began with a prayer service for all our devoted teachers and followed various items presented by the students to express their immense gratitude and respect for their teachers. The students had also organized a lunch for their teachers and presented each teacher with a gift. The teachers were overwhelmed by the hard work put in by the students.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Girl Child Day, 8th September 2012, our students did a skit based on the importance of saving and educating the Girl Child. It also highlighted the crimes committed against the Girl Child by the many abortions taking place in our country. These messages were given in the form of dance, drama and song, drawing attention to the evils of dowry, exploitation, eve teasing etc. During the year a one day seminar was offered to our studens by the Jain Samaj, showing how abortion is actually murder of a potential human being. The various stages of conception were depicted on charts and explanation was given on the implications of the destruction of the fetus and also on the dangers faced by women who accept to have abortions.

Birthdays of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri were celebrated together on 3rd October 2011. The feast of St. Francis of Assisi was also celebrated on the same day. With the help of Sr. Sali, and our teachers Mrs. Priti Patrick and Mrs. Prabha Francis, the students presented a skit based on ecology and the life of St. Francis who is known as the Patron of Ecology.

A House wise Games Competition was held from the 11th to 15th October 2011. It began with great zeal and team spirit. The students exhibited enormous potential and stamina. Sr. Josephine, the acting principal addressed the students about the importance of games in life.

On the 16th October 2011 the students of classes XI and XII organized a Chemistry Exhibition with the help of Mrs. Renu Patel, Mrs. Ranjana Hawes and Mr. Mohd Yusuf. Rev. Fr. Philip, Principal of St. Thomas School was the Chief Guest. The chief guest and the judges were welcomed. The models were well prepared by the students and they were proud to present their explanations to those who visited the exhibition.

On the same day other exhibitions and Competitions were held that included Handicraft, Rangoli and Floral Arrangements, Folk Dance, Drawing, Singing, Dance, Drama, Debate and Handwriting.

The celebration of Children’s Day and the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 14th November 2011 was combined with prize distribution for the games competition. Rev. Fr. Philip, Principal of St. Thomas’ School was our Chief Guest and gave away the prizes. Class XI of the English Medium won the prize for discipline.

The same day Mrs. Sadhna Upadhyay and Mrs. Mohini Thakur visited the school on behalf of the Seed Planting Campaign 2012 by ‘Kadam’ & ‘Dainik Bhaskar’. They distributed seeds to students from classes VI to XI. The students were to plant and care for these seeds and submit the plants to ‘Kadam’ in the month of April 2012. The students took this seriously and the school was awarded for this with a plaque in memory of the Late Mrs. Nimmi Devi.

The Feast Day of Blessed Mary of the Passion, the Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary (the Sisters who run St. Norbert’s School and College) was celebrated on 15th November 2011. After a short prayer service and the garlanding of her portrait the students presented an enlightening skit on her life which was appreciated by all.

Our annual Christmas programme was organized with great joy on 22nd December 2011. The s triking event was the item which portrayed the real meaning of Christmas and the moral of sharing, caring and joy. The concluding part of the programme was most enjoyable when Santa Claus made his appearance and distributed sweets to the staff and students while singing Jingle Bells and other Carols. The management presented a gift to each of the teaching and non-teaching staff and this was followed by a sumptuous lunch for all the staff.

The Republic Day was celebrated at our campus with the unfurling of the tricolour by the chief guest Mrs. Bela Charan, the senior most teacher of St. Norbert’s Higher Secondary School. There was a short cultural programme by the students.

The chief guest delivered an inspiring address to the students motivating them to be true to the country and to be responsible citizens. Later some students attended the main City function at the Stadium at Wright Town.

Bio Diversity Train Special was visited at Madan Mahal Station at Jabalpur by the students of Classes IX & XI along with the staff on 2nd February 2012. This science special train was inaugurated on that day with the aim to exhibit AIDS and its related issues. This visit brought awareness and knowledge to the students about AIDS.

A Special Prayer Service for the X & XII Board classes was organized on 18th February 2012. It started with lighting the tradition Indian Lamp. Passages from the Holy Books of all religions were read by the students. A short skit was presented depicting the importance of hard work and trust in God Almighty that alone will lead one to success. Fr. Simon, the Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Church, blessed the students and gave them a word of guidance. Sr. Josephine, the principal encouraged the students and wished them success in their exams. After the prayer service a farewell party followed during which the outgoing Head Girl, Palak Sarawagi handed over the lamp to Neelanjana, Vice Head Girl of the school. The programme ended with refreshments.

School Results for the Academic year 2011-2012

This academic year the first batch of 33 students from the English Medium School appeared for the 12th Board class exams.

Leaving the X & XII board class students, the results of the students from Std.I was declared on 31st March 2014. Announcing the names of the students who came first and second, their results were distributed in the Assembly by Sr. Anna Maria, the Manager. Sisters congratulated all the students, extended their best wishes, invoked God’s Blessings upon them and inspired them to work hard and to move forward on the path of success through the values of Truth and Honesty.

During this academic year we were able to give free education to 45 poor students in the school both Hindi and English medium.


The first batch of students was offered the following courses: B.Com. and B.C.A. 15 students were on the roll and they started to attend the classes from 1st July 2011.

On the 26th July 2011 we had the privilege of having Rt. Rev. Gerald Almeida, Bishop of Jabalpur for the official blessing of the renovated college building. Sr. Gemma Xavier, our Provincial Superior, Mrs. Loraine Lobo, MLA, Dr. Fr. Davis, Principal of St. Aloysius College and Director of St. Aloysius Institute of Technology were our special guests.

Dr. Sr. Theresa Ittiyavira, Principal of St. Norbert’s College welcomed the special guests and the august gathering. A short prayer ceremony was held with the lighting of the lamp by Rt. Rev. Gerald Almeida, Bishop of Jabalpur, Sr. Gemma Xavier, our Provincial Superior, Mrs. Loraine Lobo, MLA, Dr. Fr. Davis, Principal of St. Aloysius College and Director of St. Aloysius Institute of Technology.

Sr. Salimma composed a small ballet depicting a Seed buried in the earth, struggling to come through the soil and developing into a fully grown tree – an image of the new St. Norbert’s College. She trained the new students and they performed so beautifully which was appreciated by all.

Rt. Rev. Gerald Almeida, Bishop of Jabalpur, Sr. Gemma Xavier, our Provincial Superior, Mrs. Loraine Lobo, MLA, Dr. Fr. Davis, Principal of St. Aloysius College and Director of St. Aloysius Institute of Technology addressed the students, staff of the new college, the management and the gathering.

All of them appreciated the good work begun by the Society of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary contributing to the wellbeing of the citizens of Jabalpur through the quality education which will be imparted to the young girls of all sections of the society.

Mr. Avinash Nema, the architect and Mr. N.D. Pandey, the contractor for the college building were felicitated by Sr. Gemma Xavier, our Provincial and Sr. Anna Maria, Manager. The programme came to an end with visitors, staff and students interacting over a cup of tea and refreshments.

Sr. Gemma Xavier, the Provincial Superior and the President of the Society of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary and her team from Delhi who graced the occasion greeted the management body of St. Norbert’s institution at Jabalpur and wished all the best in their new endeavor.

On 3rd December 2011 our college students conducted a Quiz Competition for the students of Classes XI and XII of St. Norbert’s School. Celebration of Christmas was also added to this programme. The students danced so beautifully which was enjoyed by the students and staff of both St. Norbert’s college and school. The interaction between the two classes was both enjoyable and enlightening. The winner group was announced. The staff and students of the college had dressed up very colourful and greeted one another.

We hope this small band of students is just a symbol of many more young girls who will pass through the portals of St. Norbert’s College in the years ahead!

After the Christmas vacation the students began preparation for examinations. The commerce and BCA students completed their 1st university semester examinations by the end of January 2012 and classes began for the 2nd semester.

1st March 2012 college got the NOC from Higher Education Bhopal for the continuation of the 2nd year.


Our service in Ghuttas is mainly one of out-reach. We have a health care center and annually treat about 9,000 patients. Ours is a Preventive, Premotive, Curative and Referral Center. The patients are often the poor from interior villages. We cover about 30 villages at a distance of 10 to 20 kms.

The majority of people are poor; importance is given especially to women and children. The diseases treated are mainly fever, diarrhea, malaria, scabies, piles, cuts, wounds etc. We use a lot of herbal and ayurvedic medicines. We refer cases to hospitals like Snehalaya in Bichhiya, Katra Hospital in Mandla and Government Hospital.

Groups come together regularly for action oriented programs like health education, hygiene, cleanliness, safe drinking water. Care, protection, promotion of the environment and creating an eco-friendly atmosphere are some other topics they learn. Kitchen gardens are encouraged; seedlings are distributed to the people for their own fields.

Through seminars we train and encourage women leaders. We reach out to many people through family visits, supporting and helping them to cope with their daily problems and to arrive at a better quality of life.

Poorer children are helped with school supplies like books, uniforms etc. They are also given boarding and lodging in our hostel. We help some poor families buy grain etc. for their day to day living. We help our workers with some materials for building their houses. On the whole we help a certain extent the people who approach us in their need.

One of our sisters works in the parish school and another works in the parish boarding. Both of them show great love and concern to all the students, particularly the students who are weak in their studies. The sisters encourage the children to take care of themselves and be hygienic and also care for the surroundings

They motivate the students and help them in their all round development.


The Members of the Society of Franciscan Sisters of Mary leave no stone unturned to make sincere and creative contribution in every sphere we are engaged in and thus we are able to bring out excellent achievement particularly in the domain of education to young girls and women.

We conclude this report with an acknowledgement of thankfulness to Almighty God for His constant care and blessings all through the year 2011-2012.

The oldest building went through the following different stages of renovation. The renovated building was just ready for starting the college in the academic year 2011-2012.

Construction of the ramp was over during this year. This facility is mainly to taken care of the differently abled children. The ramp has also brought an additional facility for the staff and the students giving access to go from one building to the other.

Relying on God’s providence the Society aims to make all the efforts, to move ahead and to focus on providing quality education through our school and college at Jabalpur. The society also makes conscious efforts to reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized in increasing the activities at Ghuttas in rural Madhya Pradesh.

As we are grateful to the Almighty we are also grateful to all those who were the instruments for accomplishing our tasks through their support, guidance and assistance in different forms.

Society of Franciscan Sisters of Mary